2020 has certainly been an interesting year for everyone. As a remote game studio, we’ve been thankfully untouched by the crisis and have used the time to step back, improve our workflows, try out new techniques and technologies, and bring on several people to the team.

In June, we began transitioning each department to production ready workflows. This has helped maintain the flow of information, keep things organized, and work more efficiently. The updated workflow has allowed continued unit development by the 3D Department with the aid of faster and more varied concept art provided by our talented 2D artists. In addition to new units, the 3D team has overhauled our base mesh and add a new female base mesh. More recently, the 3D modelers have moved onto units and buildings for the next age!

Likewise, the Programming Department has been doing some tremendous work. They have done a full system overhaul which focuses on optimization and organizing the game. The fruits of their labor has allowed us to increase Fortune’s Favor’s frame rate by three hundred percent! Besides that, the programming team has polished up the civilian AI, added building construction and destruction functionality, and much more that we’ll be excited to share with you soon.

Additionally, we’ve had the pleasure of on-boarding an additional programmer, a dedicated material artist, and a community manager. Not only is our head count increasing but so is our knowledge base and skill sets. This is allowing us to add game mechanics and bring our work to levels that were previously unthinkable.

Our team isn’t the only thing seeing growth. In August, we received a grant to help cover our initial legal services. While it may not seem that exciting, this is helping us transition from a small development team to a full-time startup. The grant will be helping us expand our team and resources so we can put even more time and energy into Fortune’s Favor!

Since COVID began, we’ve been mostly quiet to focus on the game’s development and to develop a proper marketing strategy. Our intent was to create a solid plan and workflow for sharing updates, screenshots, and gameplay. By doing this, it will allow the content we share to match the quality and fidelity the team has been putting into Fortune’s Favor itself. To help with that, as previously mentioned, we have a new community manager who will be dedicated to managing and updating our online profiles and interacting with all of you.

As you may have noticed, we have done a complete overhaul of our website! We’ve rebuilt the site to improve the design and user experience. A lot of time has been put in so far but we’re continuing to make updates and iron out any kinks. Additionally, we’re going to be more active on the Fortune’s Favor website as well as our Discord and social media accounts. You’ll see us sharing more images, videos, and updates on the game’s development. We’re excited to start engaging and growing the Fortune’s Favor community!

– Zach, Community Manager

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